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Back to the City

by Mosik

Released 2017
Released 2017
Feel good, uplifting, and straight talk music is what Mosik brings to the world of hip-hop or another way to put it, the voice of the people.
One way to describe Mosik in Back To The City is honest and heartfelt. Hailing from the streets of New York City, South Bronx exactly, Mosik draws from his personal journey and the stories of others to depict the positive attributes that one may find in every city. That is the heart of this new song from Mosik, drawing everyone's attention to the people who matter in all cities, not just the big names or big titles. It's about the everyday people who live and work in our cities, that sleep there, grew up there, and understand the elements of disenfranchised people and communities as well as the hope that thrives in the midst of chaos, the people who are the city and believe in the greatness we all posses. Back To The City has a huge and catchy hook and the bridge is certainly a protest statement of policies from an administration that has divided our nation on many levels. There's a great deal said in this song, the EP, releasing later in 2017, is a must follow-up and a must have.


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