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by Mosik

Released 2012
Eaglesparrow Entertainment, LLC
Released 2012
Eaglesparrow Entertainment, LLC
Adventure, finding a way through pain and struggles to find who you are meant to be and Mosik delivers. This "pop" song typically not his style, but the truth is in the music.
Mosik an MC on the rise with flow, passion, purpose, and music to inspire and take people higher. "Adventure" is not his typical style, but one thing is for sure, after listening, you will know that music is meant to take you up. Most of what he speaks of in his music is the reality of life, whether that's the life he knew on the streets of New York City or life that brings discouragement, pain, love, and overcoming obstacles, and simply not having a problem sharing his faith in the mix of it all. What makes him unique is his ability through music to take you higher up. That's the Mosik Music brand...GO UP!


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