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Real Love


As long as friendships exists, families gather, babies being born, chocolate remains forever, weddings taking place, celebrations of birthday's, accomplishments, success, sad moments, funerals, hospital visits, accidents, you name it, love will be in the cycle...

People fail, relationships fail, marriages fail, businesses fail, systems fail, government fail, leaders fail, the best of the best even fail, but above all, love never fails. 



Dear Mr. President, 

Congratulations on your success as the 45th president of the United States of America. There is no question that the journey is not over and there is a great deal to accomplish. Leadership is no easy task, if it were, everyone would do it. 

On January 20, 2017 the historical presidential inauguration will take place and your first 100 days as leader of our nation will begin. Mr. President, I am writing this to ask for a conversation on your inauguration. Can we have a heart to heart, man to man, mind to mind conversation. 

Can we have a conversation about mass incarceration? Can we have a conversation?

Can we have a conversation on your methods of deportation? Can we have a conversation?

Can we have a conversation about education? Can we have a conversation?

Can we have a conversation about exactly what does "Making America Great Again" actually imply? What do you mean? 

Can we have a conversation about racism? An honest one because it's alive in this country and should have no place. Can we have a conversation about retribution in regards to out communities?  

Can we have a conversation about the old pain that still exists in communities that regardless of who's president, have always on many levels been disenchanted, disadvantage, and with dreams disappearing? Can we have a conversation?

Can we have a conversation on what do we tell the thousands of young boys and girls who are being bullied in schools because they are immigrants and they come home to find out daddy was taken away, uncles were taken away, mothers taken away, and now a fragmented family? Can we have a conversation?

Can we have a conversation on our economy? Historically, your party on many levels, favor the top 2%, and Mr. President this is no surprise how the wealth gap will continue to increase regardless what programs are in place. Can we talk about teaching entrepreneurship? Can we talk about equality? Can we talk about how many of us believe God is in control, but many are hurting, we are divided and honestly, many are confused. How in your leadership do you plan to repair racial tensions? How do you plan to build the right bridges? How do you plan on mending lives that will NEVER trust our democracy? Mr. President, can we have a conversation without political lingo, can we have a conversation that includes all sides? No defenses, no short answers, no short remarks, no rush, but a conversation.

Mr. President, my list can continue and go on and on, but my point is clear, Can we have a conversation?








Go For It!


I've been thinking lately about how quick life comes and goes simply to realize one thing, GO FOR IT! 






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